What Makes Cristiano Ronaldo the Greatest of All Time?

What Makes Cristiano Ronaldo the Greatest of All Time?

Juventus has been enjoying the service of Ronaldo at the highest level that strengthens the idea of Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest of all time. It has been years that Ronaldo always put on a matchup alongside Lionel Messi. It is just a matter of time that eventually Ronaldo will be given the greatest of all time honors by the world. As of the moment Ronaldo has just become the first player of Juventus to score in nine matches in fifteen years of time. Moreover he has scored ten goals within his last six games. Obviously that needs a really high level of play in every match to be able to have that statistic. So, what could possibly make that performance of Ronaldo in his thirties?

Scoring is surely among the things that Ronaldo can do best. Statistics have it that since the season of 2005/2006 Ronaldo has never scored less than twenty goals in a season. Meanwhile this season approaching his 35th birthday he has scored twenty two goals. How many more goals that he could score with matches left to play? For the last fifteen years the performance of Ronaldo has never faded noticeably. At the time he joined Juventus some people would have said that he could slowly fade away from the spotlight. In the end that is not the case at all that Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest of all time is even getting more and more real than ever. https://www.maxbetsbobet.org/

The journey of Ronaldo to be the greatest was started at Old Trafford for sure. His time at United was just a humble beginning. He secured his first Champions League title alongside Ballon d’Or at the same time. He managed to set the right foot on the empty spot left by Beckham within the Red Devils. He managed to win every domestic trophy available in England while scoring 84 goals out of 196 matches with United.

Next step is surely the Los Blancos that really polish him out to be even better. Among his 292 matches of La Liga he scored ridiculously 311 goals. He secured all available domestic titles as well just as his time in England. He won more Champions League titles with Real Madrid though. The total of four Champions League victories was secured in which the three of them won consecutively. His last victory with Madrid was against Liverpool to secure the Champions League title.

The next chapter of his journey of Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest of all time is set at Juventus. It seems like Ronaldo can still get better and better at Juventus. He scored 28 goals and won the Serie A title in his first season with Juventus. Winning the Champions League with Juventus should be his next step to set foot on. At the moment he has become a great player by standing tall in three different top leagues in the world. That could only get better without the sign of Ronaldo to slow down at all at the moment.

So far there have not been many players who could perform at the top for years in different leagues as Ronaldo. That is just one of many reasons for him to be the greatest of all time. Lionel Messi may have been a great football player as well. Yet, he played only for Barcelona that makes it doubtful he could perform well in other teams and leagues. So a comparison between Ronaldo and Messi is somewhat improper to be made. A player like Ibrahimovic may be the one force that Ronaldo could be compared to. Regardless, it is reasonable to say that Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest of all time right now.

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