Heading into Round 8, Competition Tighter in the Champions League

Heading into Round 8, Competition Tighter in the Champions League

The Champions League from the past to the present is one of the most prestigious leagues on earth. How not, in this league every football club will gather from every highest division in Europe. The Champions League has so far been 65 years old, and is the most-watched event, especially at the peak of the final. At present itself, the Champions League has entered the last 16, where there are 16 of the top soccer clubs competing with each other for positions in the next 8. Of the 16 clubs, only 8 clubs have played in the last 16 of the first leg. They are Atletico Madrid with Liverpool, Dortmund with PSG, Atalanta with Valencia, and Tottenham with Leipzig.

Others, clubs who have not played in the first leg in the last 16 are Chelsea with Bayern Munich, Napoli with Barcelona, Lyon with Juventus, and Real Madrid with Manchester City. These soccer clubs are also the most popular in their respective divisions. Also, of course, their fans are not only from the origin of their division clubs but from outside to in every corner of the world who love football, surely, they have their fans. Especially with the presence of Ronaldo who is in the Juventus club, it is certain that later when the match between Lyon FC and Juventus, the Juventus club will get more support than Lyon FC.

Something is interesting if you see the matches that have been carried out before, especially to famous clubs like Liverpool and Tottenham who come from England. How not, because these two clubs are the ones who filled the top of the Champions League final match last year. From this match, Liverpool was crowned champions, and Tottenham as runners-up. However, at this time they were questioned about their strengths, and also roughly, could they maintain the achievements they had achieved yesterday? Liverpool lost 0-1 to Atletico Madrid, while Tottenham lost 0-1 to Leipzig. Although narrowly defeated, of course, this complicates their efforts to be able to defend their title yesterday, especially Liverpool. Moreover, the club they face is Atletico Madrid, a club from the Spanish league, where the Spanish league itself is also a league with an elite team in addition to the English league. Call it Real Madrid and Barcelona, the two top clubs in the world came from the Spanish league.

PSG, with a club that has so many star players in it, also lost to Dortmund by a score of 1-2. With the results obtained like that, of course, it’s difficult to accept the results they get. With the composition of the star players and the talent and also from every player in it, they should be able to get better results than before. However, it can be seen from the party’s next match against Dortmund. With the results obtained previously, the aggregate score of the two teams is 0-1, with Dortmund leading 1 point.

Unlike the case with what happened between Atalanta and Valencia. Of the clubs that have played the first match in the last 16, this match between the two teams has produced more scores. Atalanta match against Valencia created a score of 4-1 with a victory owned by Atalanta. That way, even the aggregate score from this match is 3-0, with 3 points owned by Atalanta. The lag with a score of 3 points is certainly a burden for the Valencia team. If they want to still intend to enter the last 8 of the Champions League, then they must fight tooth and nail to get 4 points without conceding another goal from Atalanta. https://www.judibolaterbaik.co/

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